The case of the peripatetic makeup case

A story written by Doug Beckman (N.A.S.F. charter member) about four N.A.S.F. ladies: Yvonne Beckman, Kaatje Bernabei, Irene Pouwels, and Diane Sterett.

“This story begins in the ‘70’s when several Dutch and Belgian ladies thought it would be gezellig to assemble the small Dutch community once a month to drink coffee, eat some lekker gebak, and speak Dutch together. Soon after came a gathering in April to raise a borrel in honor of The Queen, then one in November to praise those brave men of the haring fleet from Leiden. Most important of all was the party in December to welcome The Sint, his Moorish companion, his “Grote Boek”, and that hopeful looking sack full of presents! Not long afterward the NASF was formed.”

“But now those same centrifugal forces which had spun these women together in Miami was spinning them apart. One was moving back to The Netherlands, another’s husband was climbing the corporate ladder to Pennsylvania. A pact was made. These four blonds, even when golden threads would turn to silver, would be forever known as “The Golden Girls”. When their eleven children grew up and married the GG’s would attend every wedding. And the Golden Girls, in every year divisible by five, would meet again somewhere in the world for a little reunion. So it happened that, in 2015, the GG’s assembled on the island of Curacao!”

“As always the GG’s had a great time, enjoying Curacao and their GG reunion. But when their separate flights had lifted off for home, there sat at the security table a large, forgotten makeup case, and inside it – an I-pod. Upon landing Irene missed it at once and started a search to track it down, but nobody at Curacao security knew anything about either of those two items. BUT WAIT! NASF members Marise and Kees were flying from Curacao to Miami and would pass through that same security. Could they inquire about Irene’s lost case? Yes they could!”

“What does the case look like? What color is the I-pod?”, asked the ‘lost and found’ clerk? “I don’t know” answered Marise truthfully, “I’ll call Yvonne in Miami”. “I don’t know,” answered Yvonne, “I’ll call Irene in Holland.” “Better hurry”, said Marise, “my flight leaves in twenty minutes!” Black! The case is black, the I-pod is blue, and here is a list of the contents”, said Irene! The clerk consented and Irene’s case flew to Miami.”

“Days later, four people sat in a little Thai tentje and enjoyed a delicious Thai meal, courtesy of Irene. And a black, peripatetic makeup case changed hands from Marise to Yvonne, who delivered it to Irene in Holland in a few weeks later. And that, friends, is what friends are for!”